Here is a step by step guide to staking ZEE in Zeroswap's native Staking Module.

1. First Open the Staking URL in your browser (use dApp browser if you are on phone) and click on the "Staking" Button


2. Now you are redirected to the staking home page, click on the "Connect Wallet" Button

3. Once your wallet is connected, click on the "Stake ZEE" Button

4. You will be redirected to the Bottom Section of the Staking Home Page, click on "Migrate to V2"

5. Once you click on Migrate to V2, A pop up will trigger in your wallet, here we are showcasing Metamask Wallet. Click on the "Confirm" button on the wallet to proceed.


6. Once you click on Confirm Button Unstaking from Staking 1.0 Will Start

7. Once the Unstaking Transaction is completed, the withdrawal of ZEE tokens from staking 1.0 will be popped up. Click on the "Confirm" button again.

8. Once the transaction of Withdrawal of ZEE from Staking 1.0 is completed, Approval in Staking 2.0 pop up will open. Click on the "Confirm" Button again in your wallet.

9. Staking in V2 will automatically happen.

10. Now your tokens are staked in Staking 2.0